General Information for Exhibitors

for exhibitors

After many years of recommending destinations, services and family-friendly properties to our family vacation clientele, we are counting on your presence to make this very first Family Vacation Marketplace a huge success.

Family travelers – still a growing demographic – often want far more information than any one travel agency can possibly give them. The internet isn’t the answer, as there is simply more information available than can possibly be read, understood & properly evaluated. And we don’t want people to only rely on hearsay, do we?!

This event is a wonderful opportunity for family travelers to ask the questions that concern them…

Exhibitors should come prepared to answer questions concerning

  • safety (a question we get a lot, naturally!)
  • comfort, accommodation for large families
  • water quality ( we still get asked about that)
  • attractions in the area – what’s new and hot!
  • availability to purchase special items such as diapers/formula
  • suitability of facilities for teens/babies/kids etc
  • and much more…

We urge you not to miss out on this opportunity to meet face to face with your potential clientele. We understand that this will be a commitment of time and money on your part as well as ours and we are determined to make this a pleasant and successful experience for all.

Call Warna at 613 594 5633 ext 101