FAQs – Attendees

For Attendees

Yes. It is $7.00 per entry.

Yes, just to the left after you enter Hall 4.

Yes, in the “family” washroom off the main foyer.

Yes, several snack bars and one with access just outside Hall 4.

Yes. They will be supervised and open-sided for clear visibility.
There will be a total of 5 designated and supervised centers throughout the
exhibit area.

Yes, Please check the CE Centre website for precise information.

Yes, in fact we positively recommend that you do. Check the list of suppliers. We aim to have a sign-up system on the website shortly. For now use the blog page to preregister and indicate a preferred supplier & the time when you would appreciate a 20 minute pre-booked appointment and we will do our best to acknowledge and accommodate your request.

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