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“Family Face-off” exhibitor spotlight – FDR

Scheduled for Sunday afternoon we have “face-off” between 3 of our favourite family hotel/resorts – Beaches, Club Med & FDR resort. Each are popular, but have distinctive features that set them apart.

FDR resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, has been a family-favourite resort for countless families. FDR started offering it’s unique services (including a vacation nanny for all guests) around the very same time as “Let’s Take the Kids” opened, and there was a natural partnership right from day one. We still send many families a year to FDR. You can read our award-winning “Baby Blog“, written about (and at) FDR a couple of years back at the Let’s Take the Kids Travel website.

But don’t just take our word for it. FDR has won multiple awards from Trip Advisor and several other publications. You can read their testimonials when you meet with director of sales Trishawana Davidson. (Trish arrived from Jamaica on Wednesday – I hope she brought a warm jacket!)

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